Settling into Scotland

I can’t get over the year I’ve had already & its only October (how is it October already though?)…I am currently sitting in one of Edinburghs many amazing coffee shops, Cairngorm Coffee before you ask, with a growing ‘to do list’ for uni, not having time to get a job (which is amazing) but waaaaah being a more-than-full-time-student is so hard!

Earlier this year I walked out of my shitty retail job and started Nina Paloma pretty much full time, alongside two lovely part time jobs (I am not going to be one of those unrealistic creatives - trust me!), and poured all my extra time into my pottery and illustrative work and I have never been happier.

Earlier this summer I won a scholarship to Edinburgh College of Art to study MA Illustration - since moving up I quickly found a gorgeous ceramic studio with 24/7 access, so I regularly found in there about 6am or late evenings if I cant sleep! I am of course keeping on top developing my ceramics and cannot wait to be at the Crafty Fox Canopy Market for 3 days just before Christmas - I almost burst with excitement when I think about it! I am working so hard to have lots of lovely things available - come snap them up or say hi, it is SO nice to meet any followers!

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