My time in Scotland Journal

Using photographs I have taken myself while visiting wild areas of Scotland; I wanted to capture my move- ments within a diary, but to not be restricted to the form of a book.
I have been experiementing with screenprinting these photographs, manipulating the photos on Photoshop before exposing them onto a silkscreen; I have then hand printed them in a variety of colours which resinate with me from each area visited - these colours are still in the developing stage.

But I am keen to keep the rough edges of the paper visible, I have experimented with a variety of paper so
far - including Japanese Shjoi paper, a very soft a delicate paper, I wanted to use such a paper to emphasize
the beauty of the lanscapes; and the audience to be involved in the structure of what they can see through the scenary - a reminder that the countryside is strong and powerful, it remains extremely vunerable. Each con- certina is induvidually printed, torn and folded; eventually they will be within a ‘book’ for the audience to pull out and manipulate themselves to create a landscape of their own.