The ONE Project

The ONE Project, a live project involving 7 orchestras across Europe, myself and two fellow undergraduate students visited Jena in Germany to set up our exhibition in the foyer of the Jenaer Philharmonie. 

This collaborative project between students and tutors at the University for the Creative Arts shows a follow through from the concept to a finalised exhibition design which is versatile enough to travel to the 7 orchestras which can be put up in multiple ways depending on the space. 

The Eames house of cards type of design, showcases a range of images and text relating to the evolution of the flute These slot into each other to produce different forms and towers for the audience to walk around and possibly through. 

The flute anthology publication takes the form of a loprello book which can be unfolded to show the timeline of the flute on one side and a visual synopsis of the exhibition on the other. This has been encased in a slip cover which holds information around the exhibition design and some background context to the Darwinian Orchestra.